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Hello September! Hello Sales!

What a great way to start September, amazing discounts for all of our wonderful clients.

I feel that the year has two beginnings, my real one "September" and the Calendar one "January".

In September we are energised after long lazy summer days, were running behind little ones has been the norm! School starts and there is a palpable sense of excitement in the house.

School bags ready, uniforms ironed, school shoes polished and off we go! To the start of a new year....

Parents wave with a mixture of happiness and relieve, hopefully with an amazing to do list on objectives for the year. Not new year resolutions after a few too many champagne glasses! but honest ones that set your path for the next months to come.

Feeling energised already? I am!

Hope our amazing Sales will help!

We have really outdone ourselves this year...but you know its been a hard year for all of us, so I hope this helps you a little bit and it makes you happy to buy beautiful accessories for your baby or friends babies.


Love, Maria x

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