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Covid 19 UPDATE

Dear friends,

I am now based in Madrid, and when our lock down started in early March I shut down the store. I wasn't in the frame of mind to sell anything or to organise trips to the Post Office, I imagine many of you felt them same way.

Nearly 7 weeks into confinement we are now allowed to take children outside for one hour a day. I searched online for face masks for my son and daughter and could not find anything.

A few weeks ago my manufacturer in Spain had contacted me to tell me she had stopped all on going production to start producing face masks. At the time I did not feel it was something I wanted to sell. But life goes on, our needs have changed and I want to make sure that if parents wish to protect their little ones they can do so in a kid friendly colourful style.

The result is our new line of face masks and that our e-shop has re opened!

Stay Safe and thank you for your ongoing support!

Maria x

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