• Maria Fuster

Two years in the making

This month we celebrate two years since I started House of Bibs.

During this time our only child turned into a big brother and has been very busy entertaining baby sister, she is his unconditional number one fan. Our little family has become even more entertaining and chaotic...and we are cherishing every moment of it.

I must confess that I have enjoyed enormously dressing up my little girl, it has been fun to play with modern and classical outfits, but most of all to make use of the House of Bibs complete range of bandana bibs and baby round bibs.

Yes, indeed the complete range!

Unfortunately since newborn until 6 months she has regurgitated regularly and the baby round bibs collection has been a lifesaver.

One thing is to design and sell the product, another thing is to actually use it and think it is amazing!

I could not have lived without these bibs, I loved the fact that they match so well with all her clothes and they really are a beautiful bibs that can be worn throughout the day and receive many compliments.

Not to forget of course the soft hooded towels, gorgeous cotton booties and dummy clips (I've continuously popped them into the washing machine and used them with Mam dummy adaptors).

I cannot wait to get started on the toddler waterproof bibs as our weaning journey increasingly gets more adventurous.

If you don't mind me saying; I am really proud of the House of Bibs range and quality, when I started the brand I sought to create items that were practical, of the best quality possible and stylish and I really think they meet all those three criteria.

If you are a regular user of our products please do send us your comments through this form;

What you like, what changes you wish to suggest, or what new items you would like to see! We work very closely with our production unit in Spain and are more than happy to come up with new design ideas. I really want mums to try our products and see for themselves how practical they are and what an essential item they are in their baby's closet. During the month of December, our Anniversary, we will have a live SALE section in our website, this section will have a selection of items with up to 50% discount, we will renew the selection every week.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to have a little piece of House of Bibs in their closet.

Delivery costs within the UK are £1 and £2.45 for all other European destinations.

To kick off our Anniversary promotions we are organising a GIVEAWAY.

A complete set for boys and girls, if you wish to participate you only need to follow instructions on our Facebook and/or Instagram posts announcing this giveaway.

Please help us spread the word about House of Bibs, we are very proud of our products, and would love to see more babies and mums enjoying them.

In the meantime let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start of the New Year!

We are looking forward to 2018, cheers to good health and good times! Lots of love, Bibs & Maria

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